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AO "Neftegorsky gas processing plant"

The team of advanced enterprises – on the threshold of new achievements
For over 46 years, the associated petroleum gas processing plant has been one of the steadily operating enterprises in the Samara province.

From year to year, programs for the development and reconstruction of production are carried out here, allowing the plant to remain the leading link in Russian industrial policy. In 2013, the volume of raw materials processing amounted to 414.4 million cubic meters. meters General Director Kamil Shishkanov said that at the present stage, NGPZ is relying on technical re-equipment.

Impact work
If we look at the history of the enterprise, it takes us back to the 60s of the last century, when the commercial exploitation of the Kuleshovsky deposit, one of the largest in the Kuibyshev region, began. The USSR Ministry of Gas Industry decided to build the Kuleshov gas and gasoline plant, which was renamed the Neftegorsk gas processing plant a year later.
The first director of the GPP was Yuri Ivanovich Kuvanov, it was his share of the shock Soviet construction. The plant was erected in the shortest possible time, the official date of its birth – November 6, 1967, when the first phase was put into operation.

The second phase

The plant was commissioned a year later, and in 1970, the company began to develop the most valuable raw materials - ethane fraction. In 1971, its production amounted to 6.2 thousand tons. In 1972, for labor successes, the NGPZ was awarded the commemorative badge of the CPSU Central Committee, the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, the Council of Ministers of the USSR and the All-Union Central Council of Trade Unions. One of the most important problems that the plant has solved is the almost complete utilization of associated petroleum gas, which was previously forced to be flared. The new plant worked to eliminate this phenomenon and ensure the rational use of associated petroleum gas. Significant milestones in the development of production - the beginning of gas intake from the Bobrovskaya group (1977) and from the Zaikinsky group (1987) from the Orenburgneft OJSC fields. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of the enterprise for Neftegorsk and the cities of the Kuibyshev region, which received gas to their homes. But many industrial enterprises needed “blue fuel” and other gas processing products, and more and more complex tasks were set before the plant. For their solution required professionals, technologists with similar experience. Arriving in Neftegorsk from other cities of the Volga region, they headed the labor collectives and began to transfer knowledge to the workers of the young enterprise. Thus, the gas processing plant became one of the city-forming enterprises, initiating the development of social infrastructure on the territory. Significant milestones of the last 10 years: in 2007 NGPZ became part of Rosneft Oil Company, and in 2010 the booster compressor unit No. 4 was commissioned to supply SOG to the gas transmission networks of Gazprom.


AO NGPZ is one of the largest provincial enterprises engaged in the processing of associated petroleum gas and technological hydrocarbon mixture. The main suppliers of raw materials are OJSC Samaraneftegaz and OJSC Orenburgneft. The plant produces dry stripped gas, which is sold to gas supply and gas sales organizations and is sent to the public utility network. In addition to dry gas, the plant produces a wide fraction of light hydrocarbons – it is the most important raw material for petrochemistry, from which propane-butane is produced from the automobile, as well as components of motor fuel. Another line – ethane fraction, so to speak, a derivative of synthetic alcohol used in petrochemistry. In addition, from the harmful impurities that are in the associated petroleum gas in the form of sulfur compounds, elemental sulfur is produced. It is used to produce sulfuric acid, which is a necessary element in the chemical industry for the preparation of dyes, and is used in the paper and textile industries. The product is sold by its owner, the company Rosneft, deliveries go to all regions of Russia and neighboring countries. The system characteristics of the company are stable gas processing, obtaining highly profitable products, the use of new technologies. Key factors allow the plant team not only to show good results, but also to occupy a worthy place among the enterprises of the oil and gas sector. The company has developed a unique, workable team of about 400 people, including professionals with great experience and young personnel, all of them – managers, craftsmen, mechanics, operators, machinists, mechanics – are a single team that is united by a common idea. large-scale tasks. Of course, the working class is the locomotive of the enterprise and its main driving force.

The plant takes a second wind
The difficulties of transition to a market economy also affected the Neftegorsk gas processing plant. But, as always, with honor and professionalism, the gas processing companies came out of difficult situations, remaining a cohesive team. In the most difficult times, the plant carried out the production plan, providing products to all its customers. Significant milestones of the last 10 years: in 2007 NGPZ became part of Rosneft Oil Company, and in 2010 the booster compressor unit No. 4 was commissioned to supply SOG to the gas transmission networks of Gazprom.
From 1999 to 2014, the team leader was an energetic leader, Anatoly Pashchenko, who led the workers to fulfill their production goals. An honorary oilman, an honorary citizen of the Neftegorsky District, winner of industry awards Anatoly Pashchenko admits that he gave the company a piece of his soul. And now, when he handed over the management baton to the new director, in reliable hands, there is confidence that the plant will get a second wind. The process of renovation and construction of plant capacities is actively going on. And plans every year become more ambitious. And most importantly – over the years the team has earned a reputation as a reliable production partner.