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Salym and Shapsha Groups of Oil Fields in Hanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Region – Ugra

AO NGPZ accomplished its associated petroleum gas (APG) processing plant and infrastructure construction project. APG is supplied from Shapsha and Salym groups of oil fields, located in Hanty-Mansiysk autonomous region. The oil fields are developed by RussNeft Oil Company OJSC and Salym Petroleum Development N.V. respectively.

The project is comprised of the following facilities:

  • gas processing plant (GPP);
  • gas-fired power plant (GFPP);
  • booster compressor station (BCS);
  • pipelines between GPP, GFPP, BCS;
  • reversing pipeline between GPP – GFPP pipeline and gas main;
  • railroad transshipment terminal for tank-containers.

Main project features:

  • APG deep processing right in the field;
  • application of a block-module configuration in the construction of GPP, and use of equipment fabricated by the leading western manufacturers;
  • utilization of multimodal tank-container liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) transportation patterns.

Our outcomes:

The implementation of the project will provide for utilization, in its lifetime, of more than 4.7 billion Nm3 of APG that otherwise would be flared in the oil fields, or, partially, used to fire Salym gas-turbine power plant.

APG utilization, by reducing the volume of greenhouse gases emission, makes it possible for oil fields operators to abide by Hanty-Mansiysk-Ugra ecological safety requirements.

Project implementation enables to comply with the commitments to utilize up to 95% of APG produced in the aforementioned oil fields.

The utilization of APG has increased the fuel efficiency by means of substitution of APG with DSG supplied to Salym gas-turbine power plant, to Shapsha gas-fired power plant and to some other oil field facilities.

Among the highlights within the lifetime of the project are: production of about 1.5 million tons of propane-butane mix, which is an ecologically clean gas-engine fuel, and of 1.7 billion Nm3 of DSG, which is an ecologically clean fuel for power plants. Substitution of APG with DSG as a fuel for Salym gas-turbine power plant will decrease by half the volume of harmful emissions in the area.

Project implementation helped to introduce innovative techniques in gas processing, in power production and in produce logistics.

Supplementary information:

Salym group of oil fields is developed by AKI-OTYR Open Type Joint Stock Oil Company, a subsidiary of RussNeft Open Type Joint Stock Oil Company.

Financial partners: EBRD, UniCredit Bank, DEG (Deutsch Investitions- und Entwicklunsgesellschaft GmBH).

GPP throughput: up to 360 million Nm3 of APG per annum.

The project won Investment Angel, an international investment prize, in the year of 2010 awarded by the World Organization of Creditors.

The project won a special prize For Successful Implementation of APG Utilization Project in Prirazlomnoye, Salym and Shapsha Oil Fields during the World Bank 10-th Global Forum in London in 2012. The Forum was devoted to the reduction of APG flaring.