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The tradition of taking care of its employees laid down in the company since inception. Today, AO NGPZ Collective Agreement stipulates all social benefits, including health care, spa treatment, financial assistance to veterans, workers at the birth of children, etc. Continues housing program aimed at improving the living standards of workers in the framework of which built two nine-storey buildings in Yakutsk and gated development in Kysyl-cheese.

AO NGPZ hosts industrial practice for more than 200 students a wide variety of specialized secondary and higher educational institutions of the republic and Russia, in the future have the opportunity to get a job at “AO NGPZ”.” For young professionals provided the Company a personal allowance of 35 percent of salary, which is paid during the first year of operation.

Our company is a major charity funder. First of all, our assistance is directed to children, for example, today we are the guardians of the children’s home Vilyui. Arzhakova, participate in a charity fund to support children with disabilities “Haryskhal” also allocates funds to the National Center of Medicine and etc. The company actively supports and cultural, sports and youth.

Associated petroleum gas is a strategically important mineral resource of the petrochemical industry determining the economic and industrial potential of the country. Its beneficial use is not only an economic but also environmental issue which, in the first place, is related to the reduction of the negative impact of oil and gas industry on the environment.

Today AO NGPZ offers you efficient technologies in the rational use of associated gas.

Solving these problems today, we give you a blue sky tomorrow!

A veteran of the enterprise, Yevgeny Chirkov, who headed the NGPP from 1977 to 1999, recalls that great attention was paid not only to expanding and improving production, but also creating comfortable conditions for people to live. The plant intensively built housing, kindergartens (the first pre-school institution for 280 children was opened as early as 1971) in order to fully meet the needs of the workers. Life was getting better.
The retrospective once again reminds us of what attitude to human resources was in pre-perestroika times, giving a clear explanation of why those years were famous for their hard work and great achievements.

The plant takes a second wind
The difficulties of transition to a market economy also affected the Neftegorsk gas processing plant. But, as always, with honor and professionalism, the gas processing companies came out of difficult situations, remaining a cohesive team. In the most difficult times, the plant carried out the production plan, providing products to all its customers. Significant milestones of the last 10 years: in 2007 NGPZ became part of Rosneft Oil Company, and in 2010 the booster compressor unit No. 4 was commissioned to supply SOG to the gas transmission networks of Gazprom.
From 1999 to 2014, the team leader was an energetic leader, Anatoly Pashchenko, who led the workers to fulfill their production goals. An honorary oilman, an honorary citizen of the Neftegorsky District, winner of industry awards Anatoly Pashchenko admits that he gave the company a piece of his soul. And now, when he handed over the management baton to the new director, in reliable hands, there is confidence that the plant will get a second wind. The process of renovation and construction of plant capacities is actively going on. And plans every year become more ambitious. And most importantly – over the years the team has earned a reputation as a reliable production partner.
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